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The Mil Ton Luxury Apartments, Illinois
6 Benefits of Living in a Luxury Apartment Home

6 Benefits of Living in a Luxury Apartment Home

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There are a lot of things that come to mind when thinking about luxury apartments.

Many people think of big, expensive apartments that are difficult to afford and keep up with. However, a lot of the perks of a luxury apartment outweigh the costs, and in the long run, may even save you money. 

We have put together a list of why we love our luxury apartments here in the MilTon and the 6 benefits of living in a luxury apartment.

1. Fitness Centers

Many apartment homes offer fitness centers. However, that can mean just a few machines or old, inadequate equipment. With luxury apartments, especially here at the MilTon, we offer a redesigned 24/7 fitness center, a Peloton bike room, and a private yoga room. Luxury apartments spend the money to make their fitness centers bigger and more equipped to provide residents with a variety of offerings to suit their needs.

2. It’s All About Location

One of the benefits of living in luxury apartments is their proximity to common necessities like shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment, as well as major employers and highways. Life is much easier when everything you need and do is within reach. We take pride in the fact that the MilTon has easy access to I-294, as well as multiple major employers. We are also in the top-rated high school district 128, ranked number 1 in Illinois by

3. Safety

Many luxury apartments have gated, secure communities that include surveillance. Heated garage parking like the one we have here is a great way to protect your vehicle. Our upscale mid-rise building is extremely secure. Feeling at home and safe at the same time is important in any location, which is why we take our residents' safety very seriously.

4. Business Centers and Clubhouse Perks

In today’s fast-paced business world run by technology, it can be easy to get overwhelmed in your workspace. Many luxury apartments have big, beautiful business centers where residents can work in a comfortable home environment. For instance, our clubhouse and cafe area with complimentary coffee offer multiple settings, both private and open, to get things done or host a meeting. Our tech banquettes give privacy and convenience for multiple devices, so you can feel confident in working from home.

Our clubhouse also offers a great place to host events without having to worry about logistics.

5. Beautiful Facilities

The interior and exterior of luxury apartments are always kept clean and pristine, with updated appliances, amenities, decor, and furniture. The pool will have a resort-style feel to it, with outdoor facilities for hosting company, such as our gourmet grilling stations and fire pit.

6. Community

One of the best parts about a luxury community is knowing that the residents and staff take pride in where they live. People tend to be very respectful in an upscale community and share the same desire for a comfortable, safe space. Your neighbors will care as much as you do, and the staff will always be very accommodating. 


Why do you love living at The MilTon? Questions about our homes?

Let us know in the comments!

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