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Support Local and Upcoming Musicians this Labor Day Weekend at the Bitter Jester Music Festival

Support Local and Upcoming Musicians this Labor Day Weekend at the Bitter Jester Music Festival

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This weekend is Labor Day Weekend, and we want you to have a fantastic time celebrating. One of the highlights of Labor Day is getting outside with friends and loved ones, and The MilTon Apartments wants to tell our residents about one of the best local events going on in Highland Park. 

The Bitter Jester Music Festival is the largest and most anticipated music festival and competition in the Midwest. Emerging musicians and local bands have a chance to showcase their talents in a competition that spans the summer with four events that lead up to a grand finale event at the end of the summer – the Bitter Jester Grand Finale on Sunday, September 5th. 

The festival is built and founded on community and supporting up-and-coming talent throught the midwest. This critical time can give artists the exposure and opportunity needed to catch a break and step into the limelight. BJMF gives these artists the chance to have professional feedback from a panel of judges and artistic talents. They meet with and connect to musicians and other artists their age, and get to work with an Emmy-winning production team put together by the foundation. 

This gives them the blessing of media exposure, mentorship, and networking not found in other competitions.

There were 4 previous preliminary competitions throughout the summer to lead these final bands to this point in Port Clinton Square. The winners will now compete in this Grand Finale Concert.

When: September 5th from 3 pm Until 9 pm

Where: Wolters Field – 1080 Park Avenue West, Highland Park

The concert is free as well as parking, and the show will be followed by a fantastic fireworks show.


Lineup and Participants (provided by BJMF)

Opening Showcase Bands:

Feed the Monkeys (IL) & Opening Day (IN)

Competition Lineup:

Adem Dalipi Band (IL), Fluctuation (IL), Pretoria (MI), Quick and Painless (WI), Quite Frankly the Band (KS), Scorched Waves (WI), Summer Drive (IL), and Venganza (WI)

Featured Solo Performers:

Ian Jake Robleza (IL) & One Man Ginger Band (IL)

Sept. 5 Grand Finale Emcees:

Emmy-winning Director/Producer (and BJMF Founder) Nicolas DeGrazia will co-host the show along with actress, comedian, and Emmy-nominated writer Meg Grunewald.

Sept. 5 Grand Finale Judges:

The seven Grand Finale Judges are Kabir Dalawari, Sam Poll, Kevin Ray, Wendy Snyder, Michael Tseitlin, Hannah Watson, and Glenn Williams.

Sept. 5 Grand Finale Verbal Commentary:

Our non-scoring Verbal Feedback Judges are Lynn Orman-Weiss and Hamon Kim.

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